exactView is not only a collection of coordinated satellites, but a complete data services business solution which encompasses the detection and transmission of AIS marine vessel information for distribution to customers around the world.

Connecting with our network of ground stations, the securely transmitted Satellite AIS data enables our customers to monitor and track their area of interest (AOI) and make better decisions that may affect trade, security, environmental protection, and search and rescue missions.

OptimaleeFullThe filtered AIS data is rapidly distributed, and a complete maritime picture is obtained in the swiftest possible timeframe to then be made available through a variety of secure network connections.

The first generation exactView constellation of satellites was completed in 2018. Watch our first generation constellation video clip, which includes EV-9, the first equatorial satellite in the constellation which greatly improves global revisit times. 


Harnessing the real-time power of 60+ satellites, exactEarth's second-generation constellation now complete!


Experience the Real-Time Revolution with exactView RT.

With only a single polar orbiting satellite, exactEarth can provide complete global coverage. As the satellite orbits north-south, the Earth turns east-west underneath the orbital plane.

Within about 12 hours, the satellite will have observed every point on the planet. During that 12 hour period, the poles will have each been observed every 100 minutes.

exactEarth deploys microsatellites in the exactView constellation to collect AIS data and transmit it back to earth stations for processing. Some of the satellites include the capability for "onboard" processing as well in the provision of securely streamed vessel information.