exactAIS Density Maps™ deliver in-depth vessel pattern analysis by transforming millions of AIS messages into individual geospatial data points.

Using exactAIS Density Maps you can easily do the following:

  • Manipulate and analyse the world's shipping patterns and trends
  • Eliminate the complexity and time it takes to turn AIS messages into actionable map data
  • Receive only the data you want with fully customised options

Density maps are the best tool to perform visual analysis in an easy to consume format. Data on shipping density patterns can be particularly useful in assessing ship strike risk and developing mitigation measures as well as analysing the efficiency of shipping routes. Density maps can also be used to determine traffic patterns in particularly sensitive areas of interest such as Marine Protected Areas to investigate ships traversing through them.

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exactAIS Density Maps Features

  • Pre-generated Density Maps include:
    • Shapefile format option
    • Broken down as ¼ by ¼ degree cells, by month, and your area of interest
    • Shapefile density map cells include counts by total vessels and a subset of our vessel types (cargo, tanker, fishing, passenger, and other)
  • Customised Density Maps are available upon request (finer resolution available e.g. 0.01 degrees x 0.01 degrees)

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We are happy to announce that exactEarth is now part of Spire Global

We are incredibly excited to join the Spire family. As we complete the integration of our businesses, we will continue to look for opportunities to serve you better today and in the future. Together, we will continue to drive the digitalization of the maritime industry by building trusting relationships and providing our customers with innovative, actionable data solutions that have a meaningful impact on businesses, society and the planet.

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