The exactAIS data service provides flexible access to all the AIS messages captured by our exactView™ satellite constellation, delivering the world’s most complete global shipping information.

Using exactAIS you can easily do the following:

  • Consistently track 165,000 vessels with reliable service
  • Track vessels travelling anywhere in the world, including remote regions with truly superior global coverage
  • Complete the picture of your Area of Interest in less time than any other Satellite AIS provider with industry leading First Pass Detection rates

Compiling over 7,000,000 AIS messages daily, exactAIS data provides enhanced maritime domain awareness across all bodies of water. With countless delivery methods, it has never been easier to view, track and analyse the world's shipping movements.

In addition to the exactAIS service, exactEarth also offers exactAIS Premium™ service, which incorporates terrestrial-based AIS data in order to provide the most complete global AIS tracking service in the market today.

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The exactEarth Technical Advantage

A key technical element for measuring the success of a Satellite AIS system is a term called First Pass Detection (FPD). FPD is the ability for a single satellite to maximise the reception of AIS messages, especially in high density shipping areas like Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea, or the North Sea.

With patented spectrum decollision techniques, carried out by our advanced computer processing, exactEarth provides a distinct vessel detection advantage, especially in denser regions. exactAIS is the only system capable of achieving the levels of FPD necessary for true maritime domain awareness, detecting significantly more vessels with a single satellite pass.


To learn more, download our First Pass Detection Technology Whitepaper

Customers can choose to receive the exactAIS message feed either through file-based or data streaming methods in a variety of formats. For more information, download our exactAIS Delivery PDF.

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