ShipView Simplifes Tracking of Global Shipping

User-Friendly Software Service Maps Big Data Quickly via Web

There is no disputing that the world’s waters are busy. On any given day, they support the weight of thousands of small boats, container ships, passenger liners, tankers and cargo ships, providing vital, fluid transit corridors that rival the busiest road networks. In the commercial trade arena, the oceans are unrivaled—according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), more than 90 percent of global trade is carried by sea, and the amount of cargo transported by sea reached 8.4 billion tons in 2010.

Shipping is indeed the anchor of the global economy, without which the majority of the world’s stores would be empty. However, all of this vessel traffc against the backdrop of vast, open waters presents sizable navigation, monitoring and tracking challenges. Knowing who is on the water at any given time and where they are headed is essential to maritime safety, yet it is one of the most challenging questions to answer with certainty.

That critical situational awareness—the who, what, where and when on the water—is what exactEarth’s (Cambridge, Canada) exactAIS information provides. An information anchor for the marine environment, exactAIS receives and delivers in near-real time (NRT) global AIS messages to customers via a secure Internet link, providing an unparalleled, global view of the maritime picture at any given time, for any given area of ocean.

exactEarth has been delivering to its customers an unrivalled view of the maritime domain for years, but it is in the delivery methods themselves that exactEarth began to see a need for change.

Stemming from the need to quickly build a picture of the world’s shipping activity, exactEarth launched ShipView in the summer of 2014. This Web-based tool provides users access to all of exactEarth’s GWS shipping data in a simple to navigate viewing platform. At its core, ShipView is built around the idea that dynamic geospatial data are best visualized on a map, as opposed to trying to make sense of multiple rows of data in a report or spreadsheet. Plotting the comprehensive satellite AIS data on a set of familiar map layers and granting access through any Web browser, ShipView offers a simplifed user experience for daily monitoring of any number of ships anywhere in the oceans. 

To read the full article by Graham Stickler, VP of Product Management at exactEarth, featured in Sea Technology Magazine click here. 477967-MAR 2015 selected-pages 1

 Tracking ships is easier than ever before. Using the time slider, users can look back up to 90 days.






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