The World’s Biggest Ship Docks in Britain

The world's largest ship has arrived in Britain for the first time, docking at Felixstowe on Wednesday.

The 1,312ft long CSCL Globe displaces 186,000 tonnes and is capable of carrying 19,100 standard 20ft shipping containers. The vessel set sail on her maiden voyage from Shanghai early in December.

On Wednesday, the vessel owned by China Shipping Container Lines, arrived in the Suffolk port of Felixstowe, which sees about 3,000 vessels dock there a year.

Once Globe is moored, it is estimated it will take seven giant cranes 36-38 hours to transfer the 12,000 containers scheduled to be transferred between the dock and the ship.

The shipping industry is demanding ever-larger ships as it seeks efficiencies of scale, with mega-vessels such as Globe halving the cost of shipping when compared with smaller vessels.

This article is courtesy of The Telegraph, to read the full article click here.

January 8 2015

exactAIS® tracking of the CSCL Globe on its maiden voyage to Britain.









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