Greenpeace Ship Arctic Sunrise Detained in Spain

The Greenpeace protest ship Arctic Sunrise has been taken into custody by the Spanish Government in the waters off the Canary Islands. This is just months after it was released by the Russian Government.

The vessel was detained on Tuesday night by Spain's Ministry of public works and transportation pending an investigation against the captain for an "infringement against marine traffic rules."

On Saturday, Greenpeace protesters from the ship approached the Repsol oil ship Rowan Renaissance, ignoring warnings from the Spanish Navy to leave an exclusion zone.

Greenpeace said the Spanish detention of the ship was "an unnecessary and disproportionate response."

It is just over six months since the Arctic Sunrise was released by Russian authorities following a nine month detention for attempting to board a Gazprom oil rig in the actions against oil drilling in the Arctic.

Spanish authorities have not arrested the captain or crew.

This story is courtesy of The Guardian, for the full article and video click here.


Nov 19 2014-final

exactAIS® tracking of the Arctic Sunrise and Rowan Renaissance off the Canary Islands.








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