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Say you're a local software firm that needs to test new data analytics software? And you want an interesting, timely topic. How about Ebola?

Chantilly-based start-up ICG is releasing a new version of its real-time data analytics software this week. But before LUX 2.0 leaves the building, the team tested the software, which can analyze huge volumes of fast-moving data, on the Ebola crisis. Founder David Waldrop says the software tracked merchant ships coming from Ebola zones in Africa. Using satellite partner exactEarth, the software connected with beacons planted on boats. One trend noted over the last 10 days: many boats headed to Spain, one of two countries outside of Africa where Ebola has transferred. The software also found that two boats that left Liberia and Sierra Leone two days ago are bound for Jacksonville and New Orleans.

The company doesn't have a customer yet for that Ebola analysis (though we suspect there's a big market for oversleepers who need to be kept up at night), but it's done plenty of data analytics work for federal agencies and a handful of commercial customers. David, who's had stints at Ernst & Young and Microsoft, says the software was designed to track data for things like fraud and cyberattacks. The 15-person office hasn't done a heavy push toward commercial until now, and David projects $10M in revenue to match what it does in federal business.











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