Cruise Ship Reaches Northernmost Point

The HANSEATIC is currently sailing the Northeast Passage and has become the first non-Russian ship to do so.

The expedition ship HANSEATIC of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has set a new record for passenger ships in the Northeast Passage. On the afternoon of August 26th, the 122.8-meter-long ship reached the northernmost point at 85°, 40.7' north and 135°, 39.6' east. At this latitude, the HANSEATIC was 480 kilometres from the North Pole.

Unusual ice conditions made this record possible. North of the New Siberian Islands in the Russian Arctic, there was a large ice-free zone stretching north through the Arctic Ocean, which was used for this spontaneous detour. In temperatures of around zero degrees and a brisk north-easterly wind, the passengers took a Zodiac ride along the edge of the pack ice.

The expedition through the Northeast Passage set off from Nome, Alaska on August 12th, 2014. It will feature expeditionary landings followed by cruises through the Kara Sea, Novaya Zemlya, the Barents Sea, Murmansk (end of the Northeast Passage), Hammerfest and Bodö, Norway, where the expedition will come to an end on September 10th.

Story courtesy of The Maritime Executive, for the full article click here.

 Sept 4 2014

exactAIS® tracking as the HANSEATIC voyages through the Northeast Passage.







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