Dozens Arrested in Greenpeace Arctic Oil Protest

The Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, has been boarded by Dutch security agents in the port of Rotterdam, who broke down the door of the communications room and towed the ship to shore after it intercepted a Russian tanker carrying Arctic oil to Europe.

A total of 44 activists, including crewmembers onboard the Rainbow Warrior and activists in inflatables have been detained after they attempted to block the tanker from docking on the quayside.

Four activists on inflatable boats approached the tanker and painted "No Arctic Oil" in large letters on the hull. After it entered port, a separate group of 20 activists in three inflatables positioned themselves between the tanker and the quayside to prevent it from offloading oil.

The 258-meter-long Mikhail Ulyanov is carrying the first oil from Gazprom's Prirazlomanaya platform located in the Arctic Pechora Sea. The controversial platform was the site of a high profile protest last year which was met with fierce resistance from Russian authorities. Currently the tanker Mikhail Ulyanov is safely moored at the terminal.

Story courtesy of Maritime Executive, to read the full article click here.

May 2-4

exactAIS® tracking of the Rainbow Warrior as it intercepted the Mikhail Ulyanov.
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