Two Seized in Pirate Attack off Nigeria

Two mariners believed to be U.S. citizens have been taken from their U.S.-flagged ship following a pirate attack in the West African Gulf of Guinea, a U.S. official confirmed Thursday, October 24.

The attack on the oil platform supply vessel C-Retriever happened Wednesday off the coast of Brass, Nigeria. Two crew members -- the captain and chief engineer -- were taken off the ship, the U.S. official said.

Further details on Wednesday’s attack, including the well-being of the two crew members or the condition of their ship, were not immediately available.

The oil-rich gulf has increasingly drawn international attention as a piracy hotspot, with 40 pirate attacks reported in the first nine months of 2013, the International Maritime Bureau reported.

It also has been the site of the only ship crew kidnappings worldwide this year, with 132 crew members taken hostage. Seven ships have been hijacked, the organization said.

Story courtesy of CNN, for the full article click here.

UPDATE: Two mariners still missing as the Nigerian Navy diligently works to find them, click here for the update.

exactAIS® tracking of the C-Retriever over the last 15 days shows repeated trips to and from Port Harcourt and a clear change in direction late on October 22

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