Drunk Crew Grounds Ship Off Sweden

In the early hours of November 25, cargo ship Fri Wave ran aground off Sölvesborg, Sweden. None of the six crewmembers onboard have been injured. The Swedish Coast Guard is on site, and has not found any oil in the water.

The Fri Wave was heading to Sölvesborg from Dunkerque in France with a cargo of limestone. The Coast Guard performed breath tests on the captain and first mate, both of which tested positive. They were brought ashore and handed over to local police.

The crew reportedly made an error in their navigation and headed for the significantly smaller harbor of Torsö, instead of their intended destination. The captain claimed that he had only taken a drink after the ship ran aground. After further tests in hospital, this claim was dismissed and the captain was arrested on suspicion of being drunk while in charge of the ship.

Rescue divers are still investigating the hull to find out how serious the Fri Wave is damaged. To refloat the vessel, while preventing oil from entering the water, the oil onboard will be initially pumped as far aft onboard the ship as possible. The Coast Guard has measured the depth of the disabled vessel to insert the correct units during rescue.

Story courtesy of the Maritime Executive, for the full article click here

exactAIS® tracking of the Fri Wave shows the course it took before running aground off Sweden.

The Fri Wave, photo courtesy of vesseltracker.com

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