Man Arrested After Commandeering Victoria Clipper

A homeless man accused of leaping a fence at the Seattle waterfront and briefly commandeering a high-speed ferry used to shuttle passengers between Washington State and Canada was in jail on Monday with bail set at $200,000.

U.S. authorities say Samuel Kenneth McDonough was able to set the high-speed catamaran adrift into the region's Elliott Bay shortly before dawn on Sunday, Dec 1, his 33rd birthday, with no one else on board before authorities intervened to stop him and found he had locked himself in the ferry's wheelhouse.

"It first appeared the clipper ship was adrift," Seattle police said in a statement. "However, when a tugboat went to retrieve the boat they discovered there was a man on board."

McDonough told police he was trying to take the 330-passenger ferry to its regular destination of Victoria, in nearby British Columbia, according to court documents released on Monday. Police had earlier said he wanted to take the boat to West Seattle.

Story courtesy of the Maritime Executive, for the full article click here.

exactAIS® tracking of the Victoria Clipper on December 1 shows the course McDonough took after commandeering the ferry.

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