Atlantic Challenge Race Rescue

Tom Sauer and Tom Fancett, both 23, had to abandon their wooden boat when it was hit by a giant wave during an Atlantic Challenge race from the Canary Islands to Barbados. The distress signal was picked up by Falmouth Coastguard and a team from Cornwall who then contacted the cruise ship, Crystal Serenity, to assist in the rescue. Mr. Sauer said: “We were in great spirits after the first eight days of the race when suddenly our boat was rocked by an enormous wave and capsized. The cabin flooded but we managed to get the life raft and life jackets out during some nervous and difficult moments.”

The Crystal Serenity was 200km (120 miles) away from the alert before diverting from its own course to pick up the men around 6 a.m. after travelling through the night. The cruise liner had turned back and within seven miles (11km) of the position they spotted a red flare,’ a spokesman explained.

Story courtesy of the Metro. Read more.

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