The Newest Customer of exactEarth; The Australian Maritime Safety Authority

The Government of Australia recently signed a contract with exactEarth to provide exactAISTM data to their maritime operations.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is working towards the ability to provide a more complete understanding of the maritime environment and is committed to enhancing efficiency in the delivery of maritime safety and other services to the Australian maritime industry. As an island nation, maritime trade is extremely important to Australia. The AMSA Vessel Tracking program was initiated to respond to safety and environmental aspects of the maritime trade in Australia. AMSA

With exactAIS data, AMSA now has access to information on vessels transmitting AIS, to provide a more complete maritime picture as it monitors the vast coastlines and search and rescue region of Australia.

These data will be used in a variety of units including search and rescue, environmental implication analysis and ship routing.

Based on past trials, AMSA, through the integration of exactAIS data into their operations, will enhance awareness and understanding of vessel movements especially within the Australian Search and Rescue Region.

The historical data uses from exactAIS will help AMSA achieve its goals in improving analysis by providing officers with accurate data to assist with trend studies, route assessment and provision of effective and appropriate aids to navigation systems.

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