exactEarth Provides exactAIS® Data to the Centre for Whale Research (Western Australia) Inc.

Cambridge, ON- December 19, 2012—exactEarth is pleased to be providing data to the Centre for Whale Research in Western Australia for use in projects regarding the behaviours and migratory characteristics of humpback whales. Currently the Centre has expanded its research capabilities and is targeting acoustic techniques to better understand the marine environment throughout which Humpback and other whale species migrate off the west coast of Australia, to and from their main feeding grounds near Antarctica.  exactAIS® data will be used to collate information regarding anthropogenic sound sources, including ship traffic to provide an accurate maritime picture of a large area of the Australian coast.

A 3 month set of archived exactAIS data will be provided to determine vessel locations in a defined area covering Fremantle to Darwin, Australia. These data will play an integral role in validating acoustic data and quantifying the contribution of marine traffic to ambient noise measurements.  This new research will help to understand underwater sound pressure levels in areas of variable marine traffic and high biodiversity, and complement past, current and future research exploring the potential impact of increasing ocean noise on marine wildlife. 

“This is a continuation of one of exactEarth's core missions - to protect our world’s oceans and the fragile ecosystems and marine life within them,” said John Allan, VP of Sales and Marketing with exactEarth. “The Centre for Whale Research is doing great work in their field of research to better understand whale migratory patterns and help guide human development around these habitats.  We couldn’t be more pleased to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause.”

About the Centre for Whale Research Inc.

The Centre for Whale Research (Western Australia) Inc. is a non-profit research institute established in 1993 to conduct scientific research into marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises.  Studies conducted by its researchers in NW Australia since 1990 have yielded new information regarding the behaviours and migratory characteristics of humpback whales as they migrate to and from their calving and feeding grounds. Similar research into the migratory characteristics of pygmy blue whales began in 1999. Currently the centre has expanded its research capabilities and is targeting acoustic techniques as part of systems testing programs with the Australian Defence Department in order to better understand migrating patterns of Humpback whales and other species and assess the influence of changes in their acoustic environment.  For more information, please visit http://www.cwr.org.au/

About exactEarth Ltd.

exactEarth, based in Cambridge, Ontario, is a data services company providing the most advanced information on global maritime traffic available today.  Our premium service, exactAIS, delivers an unrivalled view of the recognized maritime picture at a global scale. Offering fully secure data in a variety of industry standard formats and delivery methods, exactEarth’s data provides real value for a wide range of operational maritime applications delivering operational efficiencies, enhancing security, safeguarding the environment, and assisting in saving lives.   For more information, visit our website at www.exactearth.com.

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