exactEarth Enters into Agreement with the Finnish Meteorological Institute Data contributing to ship emission monitoring project

Cambridge, ON- January 16, 2013—Recently, exactAIS® data was selected for a new activity monitoring Baltic Sea ship emissions via satellite. The SAMBA feasibility study, carried out in the framework of the ‘Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)’ program of the European Space Agency, contains a combination of Earth Observation (EO) instruments, air quality (AQ) and emission modeling. exactAIS data will be used to illustrate the potential for integration of emissions and satellite AIS.

The aim of the SAMBA feasibility study is to show that exactAIS data can be used in emission testing, the exhaust output can then be used in air quality modeling and the results of AQ modeling can be confirmed from space borne instruments.  The first phase of SAMBA aims to show the viability to use exactAIS, EO instrument data and modeling to achieve a system to track ship emissions on a large scale. The services will build on GPS signals received by on-board AIS equipment on ships, the transmission of the AIS information from the ships through satellite AIS or ground VHF and the conversion of AIS-based navigational information from all ships in a sea area into an emission grid.  Early results have been positive in proving that the emission compliance shipping lanes can be monitored from space.

Combining AIS with GPS-based maritime emissions and pollution monitoring using atmospheric remote-sensing instruments will allow for deeper analysis into maritime emission compliance in this heavily traversed area. Through collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute(FMI), exactEarth strengthens the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and its flagship project on clean shipping, BSR InnoShip.

“We are very pleased to be working with the Finnish Meteorological Institute on this very important project”, commented John Allan, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for exactEarth. “The environmental impact from increased shipping on our oceans is of growing concern and we are honoured that exactAIS data can play a part in this vital research.”

About FMI

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is a research and service agency under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.  The main objective of the FMI is to provide the Finnish nation with the best possible information about the atmosphere above and around Finland, for ensuring public safety relating to atmospheric and airborne hazards and for satisfying requirements for specialized meteorological products.

About exactEarth Ltd.

exactEarth, based in Cambridge, Ontario, is a data services company providing the most advanced information on global maritime traffic available today.  Our premium service, exactAIS, delivers an unrivalled view of the recognized maritime picture at a global scale. Offering fully secure data in a variety of industry standard formats and delivery methods, exactEarth’s data provides real value for a wide range of operational maritime applications delivering operational efficiencies, enhancing security, safeguarding the environment, and assisting in saving lives. For more information, visit our website at www.exactearth.com.

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