Several decades of overfishing in most of the world's major fisheries has created large declines in many commercially important fish populations across the world.

Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, today is recognized as a major threat to achieving sustainable fisheries. exactAIS data can play an integral role in the prosecution of violators by maritime authorities.

In efforts to combat illegal fishing around the world, exactAIS provides:

  • Immediate identification of non-cooperative IUU vessels in the vicinity of legitimate fishing vessels allows for a more targeted response

  • Dynamic data that allows authorities to identify spoofed position reports when comparing a vessel's reported latitude and longitude

  • Extended surveillance range beyond traditional methods to include areas where vessels are not intended to be fishing

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We are happy to announce that exactEarth is now part of Spire Global

We are incredibly excited to join the Spire family. As we complete the integration of our businesses, we will continue to look for opportunities to serve you better today and in the future. Together, we will continue to drive the digitalization of the maritime industry by building trusting relationships and providing our customers with innovative, actionable data solutions that have a meaningful impact on businesses, society and the planet.

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