To have an accurate pulse of the global commodities market, analysts require a complete picture of the world’s shipping to know where cargo is at any given time across the oceans. 

exactEarth provides the single largest picture of global trade with uncompromising accuracy.

exactAIS translates into very real benefits such as:

  • Not only knowing where commodities are out on the ocean but also where the vessel is headed

  • Gaining an accurate picture of commodity flows with knowledge of the amount of product on board at any given time

  • An understanding of market trends and patterns of global flows with the extensive exactAIS Archive


We are happy to announce that exactEarth is now part of Spire Global

We are incredibly excited to join the Spire family. As we complete the integration of our businesses, we will continue to look for opportunities to serve you better today and in the future. Together, we will continue to drive the digitalization of the maritime industry by building trusting relationships and providing our customers with innovative, actionable data solutions that have a meaningful impact on businesses, society and the planet.

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