With more than 90 percent of global trade being carried by sea, the amount of industry – petrochemical, timber, cargo, fishing - traversing the world’s waters on any given day is staggering.

Although shipping is the anchor of the global economy, this intense level of vessel traffic can leave detrimental marks on the marine environment.

exactAIS helps organisations across the globe protect the marine environment and the fragile ecosystems contained within our oceans.

Through the use of exactAIS, organisations can:

  • Establish automated alerting of vessels entering a Marine Protected Area (MPA) or approaching navigation hazards preventing environmental incidents

  • Maintain vessel historical tracks for investigative reporting purposes helping to curb illegal fishing and detect and identify oil spills and marine pollution violations

  • Geo-fence environmentally sensitive areas and MPAs to analyze historical ship traffic patterns within these areas to increase violator prosecutions

Look at global shipping emissions just as our partners at UCL have used exactAIS for. Check out their interactive map at Shipmap.org to visualize global vessel movements and their emissions over the course of a year.