exactEarth is located in Cambridge, Ontario. However, like our product, our team spans the globe.

Our organisation is small and nimble, made up of the cleverest minds the industry has available. With tremendous team focus and challenging organisational goals, exactEarth offers the chance to be a part of more than just the success of a company; we offer the chance to share our vision of saving lives, protecting countries, fostering trade, and safeguarding the environment.

We are proud to have created a unique working environment for our employees. Combining the drive, challenge, opportunity, fun and culture of an entrepreneurial startup, exactEarth is also benefited by the stability and support of well-established, leading technology organisations.

Our technology is revolutionary, innovative and out-of-the-box. Our staff are the same!

Join our Team!  All available job postings are listed on the right hand side.

Success at exactEarth is defined by the ability to demonstrate value in your core area of expertise; to bring the best of your knowledge to the team and drive success for yourself and the company. Initiative, divergent thinking, teamwork, adaptability and hardiness are keys successful candidates possess - with these, you will thrive! If you enjoy a fast-paced, diverse environment with challenging and deeply rewarding work, please consider exactEarth as your employer of choice. 


We are happy to announce that exactEarth is now part of Spire Global

We are incredibly excited to join the Spire family. As we complete the integration of our businesses, we will continue to look for opportunities to serve you better today and in the future. Together, we will continue to drive the digitalization of the maritime industry by building trusting relationships and providing our customers with innovative, actionable data solutions that have a meaningful impact on businesses, society and the planet.

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