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exactAIS Viewer™

exactAIS Viewer is a web-based application which enables you to view all current vessel positions produced by the exactAIS® service and plots them on a familiar set of GIS (Geographic Information System) map layers to enhance the viewing experience. Users can selectively filter the display to only include ships or areas of interest around the world and also provides familiar navigational controls.

Customers can view their vessel positions from the most recent 24 hour period along with a 14 day historical track for each vessel (if available) and can also perform the following functions:

  • Global navigation using familiar controls to zoom in and out
  • View target information and track a specific target
  • Filter the display to narrow targets of interest
  • Pre-loaded and custom filters by ship type
  • Bookmarking of frequently accessed areas
  • Download a selected vessel's track of all position reports within last 14 days
  • Generate a ship list report of all ships currently visible
  • Statistics on number of ships in view, AOI (Area of Interest), filtered and global

Access to the system is provided by exactEarth through a web browser URL along with login credentials. A sample view is provided below:

Download your copy of the exactAIS Viewer Product Information Sheet.

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Ship tracking across the Great Circle in the exactAIS Viewer